Adventure Park for the CEC SKY UP, Rivne, 2015

Children rope park “Young climber”

We have built the unique rope course on artificial supports for the children’s entertainment center SKY UP.

Through the application of the two climbing safety systems on different routes we could make an interesting ropepark with a maximum age coverage:

– For children from pre-school to middle school age!

Blue Line “Childish” from 9 stages four-year kids carry out with continued climbing safety mechanism on the outer perimeter of the park.

The older and experienced children use red line “Extreme” on 13 stages, which takes place inside the perimeter.

On the line “Extreme” children master the skills of climbing safety mechanism.

This arrangement of the routes allowed in a limited area of ​​only 120 m2 to build a rope park with a maximum content of competitions.

Location of the competitions at low altitude from the floor allowed to make ropes course interesting for parents who may accompany children along the perimeter and to assist them in passing routes.

  • Two lines of rope runs and 22 rope contest
    unnamed (2)
  • The height of the rope line – 1 m
  • The total length of the routes – 114 m
  • Execution of “Brand” – the original design in the corporate colors of SKY UP.
  • Systems for continuous and climbing safety mechanism

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