Block Pulley Croke PROMALP double

Block Pulley Croke PROMALP double

Product ID: krk 02211

28 EUR Quantity: Order
Weght (g) 390
Material steel
Breakig load, kN 30


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Block pulley to facilitate the efforts to raise the cargo and increase the coefficient of performance (COP) in polispastnyh systems.

Used with rope diameters up to 14 mm.

To improve sliding on the shaft and increase the efficiency of all Krok TM rollers are equipped with ball bearings. Only small pulley 35 mm in diameter and less to increase payload instead of rolling bearings can be equipped with modern sliding bearings.

In general, the efficiency of the pulley increases with the inner diameter of the roller pulley stream, decreasing the rolling friction and reduced operating voltage cable bending (ropes).

And the value of the latter depends on the ratio of cable diameter to the diameter of the pulley, the cable stiffness, arrangement of strands, and even the profile of the pulley grooves.

To determine the efficiency necessary to experimentally find the ratio of the weight of the lifted load to the driving force. For the same video using different cables efficiency will be different. Therefore categorical statement that some block has a certain efficiency without other conditions, no more than a publicity stunt.

Pulleys and cheeks block pulleys are made of steel or high-strength aluminum alloy, and the axis – of high-heat-treated steel.

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