Pulley Krok Zip Line Turbo

Pulley Krok Zip Line Turbo

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98 EUR Quantity: Order
Working Load Limit 25 кН
Weight 3,7 кg
Rope diameter 10 - 14 mm


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Pulley for Zip Line Turbo – designed specifically for use on inclined trolleys during long descents at high speeds.

Elongated body pulley stabilizes the exchange rate stability of movement during the descent.
Increased rollers, each equipped with a pair of ball bearings provide minimum rolling resistance and allow to develop during the descent much greater speed than conventional tandem carriages.
The large diameter roller carriage Zip Line Turbo reduces the vibrations arising in the rolling rolls over bumps of twisted strands of steel wire rope.
And enlarged flange heat-treated rollers reduce wear on the rollers of the stream after prolonged use on steel ropes.
However, these above-mentioned properties significantly reduce wear of the trolley the whole system as a whole.
Both ends of the tandem carriage damper fitted with plates that prevent the gradual deterioration of the carriage when hitting the brake unit. Failure of one pad – just turn the other end of the tandem unit in the direction of the brake unit. A geometric dimensions Zip Line Turbo is compatible with standard frame karetkoulavlivatelya brake unit from TM “Krok”.

The presence of several independent spaced attachment points on the housing pulley provides a wide range of suspension options for descent: laying, sitting, in a pair, etc. And the opportunity to complete a pulley with special handles allows the user to hold their hands during the descent…

Attachment hole into the top of the pulley unit allows connection to the anchor block duplicate belay line.

Pulley Zip Line Turbo used for trolleys with steel cable diameter from 10 to 14 mm. On request is possible to produce a tandem for thicker cables.


  • Maximum workload WLL holes. (Working Load Limit): 25 kN – the beginning of the auxiliary loop holes strain on the cheeks tandem
  • Breaking load MBS holes. (Minimum Breaking Strength): 40 kN – the destruction of the connecting holes tandem
  • Overall length: 240 mm
  • Width without arms: 80 mm
  • Width with handles: 270 mm
  • Housing height: 120 mm
  • Roller diameter: 52 mm
  • Weight: 3.7 kg

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