voevodino rezortA letter of recommendation.

April 24, 2018.


Our resort “Voevodino” is considered as one of the best resort-hotel complexes of Transcarpathia.

We are focused on family and corporate leisure.

With care for our customers, we always select the most reliable contractor.

The company  ADVENTURE PARKS TRAIL LLC    we chose from several leading companies with sufficient experience in Ukraine and abroad,
using European quality standards.

The company built  for us a rope park over a small gorge and the mountain river flowing , using interesting design solutions in 2016 .

All this time our rope park is popular among our small and adult customers, the company ADVENTURE PARKS TRAIL LLC continues to maintain and  contact with us on operation, repair and safety equipment.

We recommend the company ADVENTURE PARKS TRAIL LLC as a reliable and responsible partner.

Sincerely, Director of LLC “VOEVODINO” M.A. Deiak


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