строительство zipline

Zipline. Designing

      • How to choose the right location for the Zipline?
      • Where to place the start and finish points?
      • What should be the height difference?
      • Which brake system should I choose?
      • How do I order or buy a Zipline


All these questions will be answered by our engineers. We always approach each customer with patience and care. We explain that every Zipline is individual. This means that every Ziplines project is designed with the local environment in mind. In order to optimize the construction it is necessary to invite a specialist on site.

  • Before such a project, the engineers of our company go to the place of the future installation and carry out the following:
    • Selecting directions of Zipline and geodesic reference to benchmarks.
    • Analysis of engineering geology.
    • An analysis of urban conditions and restrictions.
    • Structural analysis of forces and calculation of future speed.
    • Research on the side, favourable and headwind.
    • Preselection of the braking system.
    • Definition of the class and category of the object complexity.

    When designing the structures of Zipline we are laying the margin of safety several times higher than the standard load for everyday use.

    The construction of the Zipline.

    After preparation of the project and the engineering specifications we begin the production of individual parts of the future oblique crossing, in accordance with current safety standards and certification.

    All constructions, design elements and components of our trolleys are in line with European standards DIN3066, DIN741, DIN1587, DIN5299.

    Building and installation of trolleys, we provide on-site, in compliance with all required building codes and safety regulations when working at height.

    Safety standards.

    To ensure people’s safety while driving on trolley we use the principles of a climbing safety mechanism, which are tested for years of practical experience in the most extreme situations and at maximum loads.

    Launching appliances for trolleys comply with international safety standards ACCT.

    For each client, it provides a set of equipment that meets international safety standards for work at height (EN, ANSI, NFPA), as well as the requirements of the UIAA (International Union of mountaineering associations).



    Our company carries out a full cycle of works on warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the constructed stationary inclined crossings.

    Technical support and training of your specialists is our corporate standard.

    After the delivery of the project, we provide the following:

    • Testing on the static and dynamic loads, documented bilateral act.
    • The issuance of technical passport of the product.
    • Hands-on training for your staff regulations of the trolley operation, technicality of work with a climbing safety mechanism, emergency evacuation drill with the height and working off the emergency situations.
    • Develop job descriptions for the staff.
    • One year service warranty and the further maintenance of the inclined crossing trolley.

    The use of the Zipline.

    Oblique crossing Zipline is an universal high-speed attraction and an obligatory element of adventure rope park.

    The growing popularity of the Zipline is huge. With the right choice of location and the good organization of the Zipline it may well compete with the ski slope.

    Hotels, ski resorts and amusement parks, children’s sports camps and country residences will be able to attract additionally new customers thanks to well-built Zipline.

    And to give your children the easiest rope trolley in the country or in the yard of a private cottage near the river or lake is a joy that will fill your life for years to come.



    Zip Lines – equipment for participants

    Zipline – terminology.

    Trolley Zipline is a downhill on an inclined rope or cable.

    The name of this downhill in different countries can vary and fancy:

    • zip line ,
    • zip wire ,
    • aerial runway ,
    • aerial ropeslide ,
    • death slide ,
    • flying fox .

    From ancient way of ferry cargo in some highlands Zipline worked his way to a modern attraction with a dizzying descent.

    Maximum speed record with Zipline till 2015 is 235 km / h.

    The descent at zip line on the sensations can be compared with the flight of birds!

    Zipline gives its visitors an incredibly vivid emotions and joy of new impressions!


    Development of Zipline.

    The rapid development of the industry of this new fashion attraction is striking.

    Today, powerful stationary trolleys are built in more than 100 countries around the world (!), and on virtually every continent.

    Development of the resort is already impossible to imagine without a few Zipline stations.

    Zipline attracts customers and harmoniously complements the leisure in hotels.

    Modern Zipline are equipped with the latest technologies.

    They use latest braking technology zipSTOP,  special roller devices and advanced protection system.

    Some descenders for trolleys have an active braking mechanism that allows controlling the speed while descending on its entire length.

    Unique starting towers for the Ziplines are small samples of modern engineering.

    The longest Zipline in the world.

    The longest in the world stationary Ziplines as of 2017 are the following:

    • 2545 m – Copper Canyon ZipRider®.At the moment the longest Zipline in the world. It is located in Copper Canyon, Mexico . The maximum speed on the descent is 105 km / h
    • 2500 m – Zip line Stoderzinken. It is located in Austria . The maximum speed on the descent is 125 km / h.
    • 2213 m – Volo Dell ‘Angelo Zip line.At the moment the longest trolley in the world. It is located in Rocca Massima, Italy. The maximum speed on the descent is 140 km / h.
    • 2130 m – Eye of Jaguar Zip line  is located north of Cuzco, Peru. The maximum speed on the descent is 110 km / h.
    • 2000 m – Unreal Zip  is located in Sun City, South Africa. The maximum speed on the descent is 160 km / h.
    • 1900 м – Mega Tirolesa Pedra Bela Zip line  located in Brazil. The maximum speed on the descent is 107 km / h.
    • 1800 м – ZipFlyer Nepal is located in Nepal. Maximum on the descent is 140 km / h. Vertical drop of 600 meters makes ZipFlyer Nepal oneof the most extreme trolleys in the world.

    Order construction of the Zipline with us!

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