LightSpeed EZ Clip Trolley

LightSpeed EZ Clip Trolley

Product ID: 4430

290 EUR Quantity: Order
Dimensions 145 mm (5.7 in)
Weight 507 grams (1.1 lb)
Rated Working Capacity 15-150 kg (33-330 lbs)
Cable Line Diameter 9.5 mm ≤ ø ≤ 13 mm (3/8 in ≤ ø ≤ 1/2 in)


  • Made of high-strength, tempered aluminum alloy
  • The patent-pending trigger-activated installation provides ease of use and maximizes throughput
  • Four self-contained, ABEC-rated bearings make these the longest lasting compact trolleys
  • Rated for speeds up to 121kph (75mph) and impact speeds of 72kph (45mph)
  • The integrated impact surface is designed for durability in braking
  • The patent-pending design pivots with the rider to keep both sheaves on the cable during braking
  • The curve-over design of the backup carabiner slot keeps the backup carabiner in place throughout braking (reducing wear on your line)
  • Optional catch accessory integrates with zipSTOP Brake Trolley to aid in rider retrieval.

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