FlightLine Free Fall Device

FlightLine Free Fall Device

Product ID: 4383

20 700 EUR Quantity: Order
Dimensions 615 x 457 x 234 mm (24.2 x 18 x 9.2 in)
Device Weight 59 kg (130 lbs)
Rated Working Capacity 34 to 113 kg (75 to 250 lbs)
Minimum Mounting Height 18.5 m (60 ft)
Maximum Mounting Height 23 m (75 ft)

Designed for high throughput, FlightLine features an exhilarating, true free fall with a soft catch and eddy current magnetic braking for smooth and consistent braking, as well as staged universal braking system for a variety of user weights.

Extended Free Fall

Participants get plenty of air time with FlightLine, up to 11m (36 ft) of free fall! FlightLine is great as a standalone element or to add extra “wow” factor to an existing adventure experience.

High Throughput

The FlightLine retracts quickly and allows for high guest throughput. The throughput is higher than alternatives (e.g. bungee jumps) and offers the same thrilling free fall.

Staged Magnetic Braking

Head Rush’s patented magnetic eddy current braking technology is extremely reliable and creates an amazingly soft catch. The dual braking system in FlightLine engages in two stages so the catch is smooth and gentle.

Multiple Mounting Configurations

An optional “jump-over” configuration allows participants to jump from a platform with the device mounted beneath them. This increases the free fall distance and ups the thrill factor. Two ripcord lengths allow additional customization of the FlightLine Free Fall experience.

Minimal Maintenance

Head Rush’s patented magnetic eddy current braking technology is extremely reliable and provides a low cost of ownership. There are no contacting parts in the braking system, and there is less wear because the braking does not involve any friction.

Modular & Compact

Add extreme thrills in an amazingly small footprint. FlightLine requires a platform or tower at least 18.5m (60 ft) tall, but then the modular device is easy to install and operate.

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