Safety standards


  • Our company’s priority is the safety of our customers.

  • We carry out design and construction in compliance with the standards adopted in the EU (EN 15567: 2015 1-2)

  • All structures and elements are made of certified components that meet European standards DIN3066, DIN741, DIN1587, DIN5299.

  • To ensure the safety of people on our rides, we use the principles of climbing insurance, which have been tested over years of practical experience in the most extreme situations.

  • An individual safety kit of climbing equipment is provided for each person.

  • We use only reliable climbing equipment from world leaders: PETZL (France) and CLIMBING TECHNOLOGY (Italy) and other recognized manufacturers.

  • All equipment complies with European and American standards for ensuring safety at heights (EN, ANSI, NFPA), as well as the requirements of the UIAA (Union of International Climbing Associations).