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Military obstacle course

The longest military obstacle course in Ukraine. Yavorivskiy military training ground.

Obstacle course was manufactured by order of the National Academy of Land Forces named after Hetman Petro Sagaidachny.

The obstacle course includes 26 different obstacles, which begin with a simulated “assault-style” landing from a helicopter.

  • Length – 1,200 m
  • 26 obstacles of varying difficulty.
  • Standard time of overcoming – 26 minutes.
  • Psychophysical stability training
  • Overcoming obstacles in difficult terrain.
  • Training of special forces staff of military reconnaissance units

1,200 meters long, the obstacle course has 26 different obstacles that are not repeated. Some of them are “sharpened” for collective coping, which involves mutual assistance of servicemen, as, for example, the “Wall” element. This obstacle is two and a half human heights high, without any ledges or recesses, and requires the almost acrobatic skills of at least three men to overcome it. There are obstacles that reach 6 meters in height, and there are tunnels that plunge the cadets underground. The strip is extremely versatile.

Thanks to exercises on this strip, scouts learn to act in conditions when the enemy has camouflaged stretch marks and it is necessary to detect them in advance; completely observe the mode of silence during movement; be able to use a small infantry blade in close combat; provide medical aid to a seriously injured comrade and evacuate him and finally perform an exercise in attention and memory – lay out the items of the survival kit in the sequence in which they were shown at the start.

We’re very pleased with the successful completion of the project and thank everyone who helped us in its implementation.
According to foreign instructors, the obstacle course of military intelligence units is one of the longest and most difficult in Eastern and Central Europe. @mil.in.ua

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