1 31 Dec 2018

Flying Zipline constructure for the STB show “WINTERRA. The legend of the fairyland”, Kiev 2018

“WINTERRA. The legend of the fairyland” – new winter show channel STB from the creators «Guards of Dreams» и «The House of Mysterious Adventures

The creators of the show decided to surprise the viewer not only with excellent choreography, author music, vocal and laser 3D show. The producers of STB have come to us with a non-standard order – to make a zip-line construction. The construction flies over the audience and the stage, the actor is in it and plays its role according to the original script of the show.

Our engineers and specialists have developed a project that has no analogues in our history. At a height of 6 meters on two cables, the flying constructure moves smoothly under the pavilion.The actor has an independent insurance system and can be under the dome for quite a long time.

The show is 65 days over the New Year holidays! Grand Winter Premiere “WINTERRA. The legend of the fairyland” tells about the most important thing: about family, love, care and magic, which will bring together adults and children.

We invite everyone to watch this amazing show at the National Expocenter of Ukraine VDNG, Kiev

  • World class Ukrainian show
  • Gives bright live emotions

 Here everyone can remember the inattention of childhood and genuinely wonder, feel and believe in a miracle.








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