0 12 Oct 2018

Obstacle course for a military unit, Dnepr 2018

Military obstacle course – a strip of terrain, equipped with various obstacles and engineering structures.

The military obstacle course has been designed to train military personnel in order to enhance their combat and physical fitness and acquire skills to overcome typical obstacles encountered on the battlefield. In training are developed: stamina, agility and speed of reaction.

This set of simulators was made on a special project of the National Guard of Ukraine and implemented in several regions of the country.

Types of simulators for the obstacle course:

  • Simulator “Paired Deck”;
  • Simulator “On the double passage;
  • Simulator “The Abyss”
  • Simulator “3D web”
  • Simulator “Vertical grid”
  • Simulator “Minefield”
  • Simulator “Drainage Pipe”
  • Simulator “Sabotage”



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