Skate parks

строительство скейт-парковWhat is the skate park?

Skate Park is a playground specially equipped for the improvement of tricks in such extreme sports like skateboarding, snakeboard, bikes (BMX and MTB), aggressive rollerblades, scooters and others.

The first skate parks emerged from the home pools on the territory of private houses in the United States. The spherical shape of the pool allowed using the pool for training and stunts.

In our country, skate-parks are becoming increasingly popular, in the territory of skate park various competitions are conducted, gathering amateurs and professionals.

Another important factor is the role of skate parks in the creation of training opportunities for young people in safer conditions than the street.

Skate park built on the territory of the shopping center can be recreational center for people who like an active form of relaxation.

Основные фигуры скейт-парка:

  • banks / quarter pipes;
  • hand rails / grind boxes;
  • fun boxes / pyramids;
  • рампы / минирампы (ramps / mini ramps);
  • stairs;
  • Additional small figures of (jumps, obstacles, etc.).

 проект скейт-паркаManufacturing technology of skate parks

  • Sports equipment, its elements, nodes and details, we design with computer-aided design (CAD) using 3D- modeling and visualization.
  • The basic material we use is water-resistant laminated plywood. Its physical and mechanical characteristics meet the requirements of European standard EN 13986: 2004 “Wooden articles for construction. Indicators, test methods and labeling.”
  • Wooden elements of figures, we treat with special antiseptic and flame retardant formulations to protect against mold, rot and fire, which ensures durability.
  • We manufacture cutting plywood and manufacturing technology of holes in it on machines with numerical control (CNC: Computer numerical control).
  • All metal parts of figures pass the hot dip galvanizing process that meets the requirements of GOST 9.307-89 “Unified system of corrosion and aging. Hot zinc coatings. General requirements and methods of control.” The thickness of the zinc coating on the output of no less than 80 microns.

купить скейт-паркHow to choose a skate park

When choosing a configuration of skate park you should focus on its core target audience. After consultation with local athletes, we can offer you:

  • size of the skate park / number of items / selection of shapes;
  • purpose of use (municipal, commercial, festivals and promotions);
  • specialization for a specific sport: skateboarding, bikes (BMX and MTB), aggressive rollerblades, scooters or total;
  • mobility of skate park (mobile, stationary, seasonal);
  • appearance (closed / open sides of the figures, the additional conditions of the customer);
  • budget, terms of manufacturing and assembly of the skate park.

купить скейт-паркIndividual projects of skate parks

Our experts will promptly develop an individual project of your future skate park.

We will offer you the optimal set of curved elements, qualitatively and in time will produce and assemble a skate park in your territory.

We issue a technical passport of sports facility and provide one year of free warranty service.

Build a skate park with us!

Order with us construction of a skate park turnkey!