строительство скалодромаDevelopment of climbing walls

Rock climbing is a wonderful sport and active recreation, coaching all muscle groups, developing endurance, coordination and raising strong-willed qualities.

Technique to overcome rock routes is constantly being improved and now looks more like a beautiful dance sport with bright and graceful attacks.

How to give our children the joy of rock climbing classes in an urban environment? Just for that climbing wall was invented.

Climbing wall is artificially created object for climbing, which is partially or fully mimics the rocky terrain.

The first prototype of climbing wall appeared in France in 1985, thanks to the climber and engineer François Savigny.

Creating a climbing wall allowed to make the climbing sport more accessible and opened up opportunities for the training of young athletes.

скалодром для детей

The use of climbing walls

Climbing is a complex sport that simultaneously trains the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system, strengthens the power of muscles and tendons, increases joint flexibility, develops coordination and balance.

Climbing loads the first legs; they have to be bend, rotated, reached to hooks, rotated by toes to the sides and the body has to be presses to the rock.

The physical development of the child

With the help of training in the gym a child gets enough age physical activity through play, training almost all muscle groups.

In addition, the climbing wall forms necessary for the proper development of a child stepping stereotype, with a high knee lifting and leg diverting to the side.

Over time, the fear of own height leaves the child.

Climbing is one of the basic motor reflexes.

It allows easily to overcome the small height of children’s climbing wall, forming vertical coordination.

проектирование скалодрома

Construction of climbing walls.

With our help you will be able to build a climbing wall in virtually any convenient location.

As a sports attraction, climbing wall successfully complements any high ropes course, a children’s amusement park, ski parks and amusement parks, and other types of extreme sports and recreation.

Building a rock wall in the gymnasium of the school and the university will give the children a harmonious sport development.

Climbing wall in the shopping center brightly paints the entertainment area and increases number of visitors.

Construction a climbing wall at the hotel expands the sports range of hotel services and gives visitors unforgettable emotions.

Climbing wall, built over the pool at the SPA or water park, turns the rest into a  joyous adventure vacation.

Climbing wall in the children’s sports camp is a favorite place for children to play and exercise.

Today’s technologies of the climbing walls construction allow quickly and easily build real climbing masterpieces, fully simulate the natural relief of the rock.

Depending on the type and design of your target audience, our company will offer you the optimal project of the climbing wall or rock climbing gym wall, bouldering stand or mobile climbing wall without foundation structures, which can be transported and installed in any recreation center or an amusement park.


You can buy a climbing wall in our company in the form of ready-made panels and mount it by yourself on your own territory.