0 22 Aug 2019

Treehouse with a children’s slide and swings

A tree house for a private home

?We built a fabulous treehouse for a wonderful family with 4 kids ????

The house feels like it came out of a Lord of the Rings fairy tale .

Frodo’s Nora House takes you to the magical country?♀️, where hobbits, elves, dwarves and people together solve problems and live in peace-agreement, where kind and brave Frodo Baggins together with his friends are ready to save their native land and the whole world from evil.

  •  wooden house with furniture, electrical wiring, windows and doors;
  •  wooden observation deck with a rope ladder;
  •  children’s climbing wall with hooks;
  • swing “nest”;
  • swing seat
  • gymnastic rings;
  • wooden ladder.


купить домик на дереве для детей

For children’s camps, private homes, country complexes, cottage communities



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