Product ID: 2138

5 600 EUR Quantity: Order
Rated Working Capacity 15 to 150 kg
Breaking load 15.6 kN
Rated Working Velocity 6—36 kph

The best brake for your zip line, zipSTOP Zip Line Brake uses a self-regulating eddy current magnetic braking system to brake zip line riders smoothly, comfortably, and consistently.

The zipSTOP is best suited for rider arrival speeds less than 20 mph or over 40 mph. (If your zip line is between 15-40 mph, please consider the zipSTOP IR instead).

The assembly includes:

  • zipSTOP Zip Line Brake device
  • Brake trolley
  • Mounting bracket

Key zipSTOP Benefits:

  • Eddy current braking technology adjusts automatically to ensure a smooth rider deceleration.
  • Allows for a wide variety of rider weights and speeds.
  • Automatically resets after each rider, minimizing human error.
  • Helps mitigate risk by removing human error from the rider or guides.
  • Low cost of ownership, including an annual recertification at $399 and replacement of sacrificial wear parts.
  • Able to withstand outdoor environments and work consistently in any conditions.
Rated Working Capacity 15 to 150 kg
Device Weight 23.5 kg (52 lbs)
Rated Working Velocity 6 to 36 kph
Type Nylon/Spectra Webbing
Breaking load 15.6 kN

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