skyTECH Turbine
skyTECH TurbineskyTECH TurbineskyTECH TurbineskyTECH Turbine

skyTECH Turbine

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The skyTech Turbine is engineered to handle both high speed and small diameter profiles with high impact braking at speeds reaching 100 km/h (60 m/h). This puts it a generation ahead of traditional Petzl or Robertson trolleys.

During flight, the oversized wheels and speedy twin sealed bearings ensure a smooth ride. Upon arrival at landing, the flat impact plate connects with skyTECH Catcher to safely lock the trolley, eliminating retrievals. This trolley is great for skyTECH Spring Brake and / or ZipStop.

SkyTECH Turbine’s most unique feature is its two point connection system for fast, efficient loading and unloading. Unlike its competitors, it does not rely on a principal support carabiner. This clever assembly allows for ‘in field’ replacement and adjustment of wheels, bearings etc, keeping maintenance simple with low costs… You don’t throw this trolley away!

Design Features

Extremely Robust 6061 Anodized Aluminum Construction
Life Span of Approx. 5 Years
Anodized, with Stainless Steel hardware for usage in all weather conditions
Industry Exclusive: Impact Resistant Bumper
Flat Impact Plate. Made of Delrin (Acetal) for strength, durability & low friction

Unique Quick Connect for Loading Flyers
Simply align the trolley along the cable & securely snap on

Oversized 1045 Steel Sheaves with Twin Sealed Bearings
Multiple sizes fit 3/8″, 1/2” & 5/8” cables
Excellent strength & wear properties on high speed applications
Cooling vents to ensure maximum bearing life

Enhanced Safety
Secondary fall arrest attachment point for skyTECH harnesses

Harness Set-Ups

Use skyTECH Single-Point Harness with 1 skyTECH Sling for free ride flight

Use skyTECH Twin-Harness with 4 skyTECH Slings & Cross Bar for additional safety with bigger speeds & impacts

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