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In 2014, the company ADVENTURE PARKS TRAIL LLC  has performed for our ski sports and recreation center “ALASKA” pre-project proposal, project, construction of Adventure Park “ALASKA”. The project at the time of construction did not have equivalent in Ukraine. The difficulty lies in the use of artificial metal supports in open areas. Specialists of the company offered the option of the most effective ways of filling the park and its use. All this affected the final cost of the object, its relevance and popularity.

Employees of ADVENTURE PARKS TRAIL LLC  company proved itself as a high professionals who do not allow disruption of the timing and attentive to the customer’s requirements. We would like to mention nonstandard creative, colorful designs, high quality of work.

Employees of the company fulfilled their obligations under the project fully and on time, trained park staff, helped in launching and opening of the Adventure Park “ALASKA” fully escorted Park during the first days of work.

We are pleased with the results of the company in the future we plan to use their services.


We recommend the company ADVENTURE PARKS TRAIL LLC  as a respectable and reliable partner with a execution of works guarantee of quality.





Director                                                                                           Dolgih M.Yu.


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