Climbing Technology Gloves

Climbing Technology Gloves

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22 EUR Quantity: Order
Weight , g 100
Material   leather, nylon, polyester

Gloves Climbing Technology Gloves – it is robust and reliable gloves with full finger to fully protect your hands when working with rope. Ideally suited for use in areas such as mountain climbing, hiking, rope access, overcoming the routes via-ferrata to protect hands from friction, wear and other damage.

Optimal combination of natural leather and synthetic materials made it possible to achieve the maximum balance between comfort and functionality. So, palmar part is made of thick leather fabric that protects your palm while using the rope (slopes, lifts, tension crossings). The upper part is made of a lightweight mesh material which provides ventilation delicious. Elastic inserts between the fingers excludes the limitation of movement while working with a rope, and a special elastic velcro on the wrist will help you secure the glove on the hand and adjust to the desired size.


– Durable and high quality materials
– Life expectancy
– Ventilation of the upper part of the brush
– Adjustment and fixing is done Velcro
– Elastic inserts between fingers for freedom of movement
– There is a special loop for hanging
– Manufactured in Europe

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