Addict Elephant Flash Line Neon Yellow 25 м

Addict Elephant Flash Line Neon Yellow 25 м

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110 EUR Quantity: Order
total length  25m
width  50mm
tensioning element 50mm long arm ratchet
weight approx. 3,8kg


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The girth hitch system “addict“ is aimed at advanced slackliners, who want to set up longer jump lines of up to 25 m (80 ft) in length – the included long lever ratchet can handle anything. Available in the trendy colours pink and neon-yellow, no one will steal your show! In addition, the flashy colour and the contrast-enhancing print provide you with an ideal reference point when landing jumps.

As for all our flash’line products, your addict can be designed with your individual print.


total length 25m
width 50m
material Polyester
strength  45kN (~4.500kg)
stretch 2% at 7kN (~700kg)
colour neon-yellow
fixing system girth hitch

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