skyTECH Spring Brake

skyTECH Spring Brake

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139 EUR Quantity: Order
material stainless steel
 speeds in excess  80 km/h

The skyTECH Spring Brake is a DOSH APPROVED primary and secondary zipline braking component engineered for high speeds and big impacts. It enables flyers to experience the thrill of the ride while safely arriving at speeds in excess of 80 km/h (50 m/h), to a smooth and secure stop.

It’s comprised of a series of springs with differing PSI compressions. They are held together with spacer blocks and headed with skyTECH Catch Block or Catcher. When skyTECH Rocket, Jet or Turbine Trolleys arrive at the landing platform, they lock into skyTECH Catch Block or Catcher. This engages the skyTECH Spring Brake and/or ZipStop slowing the flyer to an immediate, yet comfortable, stop.

This is a proven primary brake for high speed systems that is cost effective, efficient and reliable – taking approx. 80,000 hits! When used in conjunction with ZipStop, it acts as an inexpensive secondary back up brake rarely getting hit.

Design Features

Solid, Simple & Durable Construction
Stainless Steel Springs & UHMW Polyethylene Spacers
Stainless Steel hardware to withstand usage in any weather condition
Pre-Stressed for a longer, low-maintenance lifespan

Increased Safety
Placed on cable in a series = minimal risk of operator failure during high capacity days

Improves Throughput Speeds
As a primary brake, flyers & trolleys are quickly unloaded & its quickly reset
As a secondary back-up brake, ZipStop automatically resets within seconds

Lowers Construction Costs
When used as a secondary brake, it reduces the length of landing platforms

Low Operating Costs
Little to no maintenance required

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