Ukrholds Baby 1

Ukrholds Baby 1

Product ID: 2545

33 EUR Quantity: Order
Number of hooks in set 8
Size M - ML
Type hooks

Set hooks Ukrholds Baby 1 – it is interesting and recognizable clues in the form of small animals for little climbers. Sometimes a little confused about the athletes and the colors can become confused when a large number of hooks, but you will agree – is difficult to mix elephant with hedgehog. That is why a set of hooks is ideal for children’s rock climbing walls, as it not only increases the interest in climbing among children, but also simplifies the method of training.

Set hooks Ukrholds Baby 1 contains 8 hooks size M-ML in the form of animals, which means that even the most petty skalolaziku will be convenient to hold on to their hand.

Properties set:

– Hook the optimal use on planes with a positive slope or close to the vertical
– the hooks are suitable for small overhangs (20 degrees)
– fastening hooks made bolt diameter M10 with cylindrical head screws. As an auxiliary fixture can be used on wood screws 3.5-4.2 mm
-hooks are ideal for children and beginners


All products Ukrholds been tested according to European standards EN 12572-3: 2008 and received a certificate of conformity.

Category of use climbing walls, stands
Number of hooks in set 8
Suze M – ML
Type hooks

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