0 10 Jul 2018

First Adventure Park TROPA in Poland for a children’s center «ZABAWA», Lodz

Well, hello, the European Union!

We`ve built our first Adventure Park in Poland for a children’s center

“ZABAWA”, Lodz

The joy of small and adults was not the limit …. Still would! In the new format unique family holiday, in a residential area of the Polish city, offers a children’s entertainment center. All the best for children! ☺

     Adventure Park at 3000 square meters !!!

     For young visitors, all the joys and activities: mazes, slides, gambling machines, ball pools, a rope park from TROPA, slackline, a place for creative games and a huge arena with trampolines of 500 square meters. For the youngest customers – a mini-area with a pool and a football.


     On the opening day was sold-out! We do not remember such a number of happy smiles, children’s joy, noise, din and content squealing for a long time. We were very happy with our work, and when we left home, we continued to see grateful children’s smiles in the reflection of the glasses of the train that was taking us away … for a long time sunk into our hearts


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