Rope attraction “3D-WEB” in the children’s center “Chubi-BOOM”, Ivano-Frankivsk, 2018

 Rope attraction in the 15 meter shaft for the children’s center “CHUBI-BOOM”

  • The first in Ukraine unique rope attraction “3D-WEB” in height of 15 meters
  • The reinforced 16 mm rope and reliable anchoring fasteners
  • High degree of safety in accordance with international standards EN 15567: 2015, EN 12572: 2008
  • The attraction is located vertically in the shaft of a five-story building
  • Active safe climbing up and down and horizontally
  • Possibility of entrance and exit on each of the five floors
  • The walls of the mine are painted with fluorescent paints
  • On the walls painted bright children’s characters, which shine in the ultraviolet
  • Extraordinary effect and hyper popularity among all the attractions of the children’s center
  • The capacity is 100 people per hour



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For city shopping centers, children’s recreation and entertainment centers, country centers


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