Skate park in Dobropolye, 2017

 The first skate park was opened in Dobropolye

Disciplines skateboard, scooters, bicycles
Target Audience beginners, amateurs and professionals among children and adults


Site 35 at 15 m, with a full set of main figures:

  • Bank
  • Funbox for jumping
  • Quarter pipe  2,5х3 m; 5х3 mм
    unnamed (2)
  • Quarter pipe 5х3 m; 4х2,7
  • Funbox
  • Funbox for jumping
  • Manual box with Granebox
Особенности исполнения:

  • Plywood-wooden frame
  • Waterproof plywood of European quality
  • The plywood ends and technological holes are treated with a water repellent solution
  • The wooden elements are treated with an antiseptic and flame retardant solution
  • Ventilation system
  • Additional metal protection at the corners of the figures and in places for sliding
  • Galvanized metal elements


for city shopping centers, country centers and amusement parks

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