Suspended rope park for SC “SKY”, Dnepr, 2017

 Suspended Rope Park over the Rolledrom in the SC SKY

Two sport attractions together in the sports complex “SKY”:

ropes course and rolledrom!

Go through the rope route, get impressions of the courses and see the complex from above you can now in the SC “SKY”

The first in the Dnepr suspended rope park:

  • The unique design of the park, allowing it to hang it to the bearing structures of the roof
  • Construction expertise and non-standard design solutions
  • One line of rope route and 12 rope courses
  • Continuous safety system
    unnamed (2)
  • Height of rope lines – up to 6 m
  • The total length of the routes is 70 m.
  • Execution of “Rainbow” – original design and bright courses
  • pacity – 200 people per hour



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