Extreme Park EDELWEISS, Carpathians, 2014

Typical project – High ropes course in the trees

We have built an Extreme park in the Carpathian Mountains near the sports base Tisovec, v.Oryavchik in Lviv region, for the sport and the creative “Edelweiss” camp. The uniqueness of the park is in the height above the ground more than 12 m and the presence of hundred-meter descent trolley. Park is inscribed perfectly in the sports camp infrastructure, and with the climbing wall it creates a complex of daily active attractions for children of different groups and ages.
• The total length of the rope runs – 175 m
• The height from the ground more than 12 m
• Two lines of rope runs and 12 rope competitions
• Trolley «Zip Line» – 100 m
• Line of protective mechanisme through carabiners


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